Rental Beast News


  • November 2018 Rental Beast Teams with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

    HomeServices’ vast network of brokers and agent will be able to leverage the Rental Beast platform and tools to clients nationwide. Both firms will share information on education, market trends, and will share resources resulting in better service for their clients.

  • August 2018 Rental Beast is Working with Facebook to Bring Home Rentals Listings to Marketplace

    Renters can view available Rental Beast listings on Marketplace, and inquire about them by clicking the “contact” button on the listing. Whether they want to know if the rental accepts pets, has parking, or is near any popular restaurants, they can connect to a licensed and trained real estate agent who can help them.

  • July 6, 2015 Rental Beast redesigns apartment search tools, making it easier to browse its significantly expanded universe of listings

    Visitors to looking for apartments will benefit from the apartment search redesign, engineered in collaboration with FastCloud. The new search layout and tools make it easier to browse Rental Beast's constantly expanding list of apartments.

  • Nov 20, 2014 Direct uploading for Property Solutions, MRI/Vaultware users

    In an effort to continue making Rental Beast the most comprehensive, easy-to-use system for property managers and landlords, we have updated our system so that any company using Property Solutions, MRI/Vaultware can now upload and update their properties directly into the Rental Beast system.

    Our goal is a seamless experience for property owners, managers, and landlords

  • Nov 20, 2014 Rental Beast launches Owner Portal - puts the most advanced listing management tools into your hands of landlords of all sizes

    The Owner Portal brings a new level of listing management tools to landlords of all sizes! You can input and manage your listings, change rent pricing to reflect changes in your area, and upload photos to make your listing even more appealing.

    No other company makes such a wide array of tools and options available to landlords of all sizes – even if you only have 1 unit you will get the full Rental Beast experience, placing your listing in the hands of your region’s top brokers and ensuring you find that perfect tenant.